Solution Build Maintenance Retainer

You’ve spent the resources getting your solution built and optimized. But this is just the start.

Your new solution needs to be regularly maintained, managed and routinely reviewed.

Enter my maintenance retainer service.

I offer a maintenance retainer service that ensures you get the help and support when you need it.

Think of it this way, as your solution grows and develops, new challenges/questions/issues will come to surface.

Mistakes will be made. Data will get messy.

I can help you manage your build and provide actionable recommendations and insights for continuous improvement.

I also know the solution – because I built it!

Here are the levels of service available to you:

per month
  • 1 Hour Monthly Consultation
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  • 2 Hours of Monthly Consultation
  • 2 Hours of Support Work (where I will actively review your solution, make required changes, edit, optimize, clean up issues etc.)
  • 2 Hours of Dedicated Training to required Team Members
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Enterprise For custom requirements
  • Custom pricing
  • Bespoke solutions designed for your needs
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