The Optimized Template Bundle For Effective Project Management

The complete set of formatted templates for project managers who want to save days of their time and manage projects effortlessly.

As a project manager, I know how difficult it is to pull together project documentation on a tight deadline.

I also know how time-consuming and challenging it can be.

And let’s be honest. It’s also outright tedious!

So, I decided to create, format and optimize a complete package of instrumental project management templates.

Templates that cover the full breadth of a project, from initiation through to closure.

Plus, I am adding to this bundle all of the time…

These are all available for quick download and instant use.

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What Templates Are Included In Template Bundle (x55)?

Project Initiation Templates

Template NameTemplate Description
Project Management Project Charter TemplateEstablishes the scope, objectives, and stakeholders of the project.
Project Management Project Initiation Document TemplateDocuments the essential rationale, objectives, and arrangements for a project.
Project Management Stakeholder TemplatesHelps identify and analyze stakeholders, crucial for successful project initiation.
Project Management Project Proposal TemplateOutlines the concept and expected outcomes of the project to gain approval.
Project Management Project Roadmap PowerPoint TemplatesVisualizes the high-level overview of the project’s goals and deliverables.
Project Management Project Roadmap TemplateOffers a strategic view of the project’s intended direction and major milestones.
Project Management Project Scope StatementDefines the project’s boundaries, deliverables, and constraints.
Project Management Project Brief TemplateProvides a concise summary of the project’s objectives, scope, and stakeholders.

Project Planning Templates

Template NameTemplate Description
Project Management Plan TemplateA comprehensive document that outlines how the project will be executed, monitored, and controlled.
Project Management Gantt Chart Template & (PowerPoint)Visual tools for scheduling and tracking project tasks and milestones.
Project Management Multiple Project Tracking Template (Excel)Enables tracking of multiple projects’ statuses, timelines, and key metrics.
Project Management PERT Chart TemplateHelps estimate the project’s tasks and timelines using the Program Evaluation Review Technique.
Project Management Project Budget TemplateOutlines the financial plan for the project, including estimates of costs and resources.
Project Management Project Network Diagram Excel TemplateVisualizes the sequence of activities in a project and their dependencies.
Project Management Project Objectives TemplatesDefines specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives of the project.
Project Management Project Plan Template (Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint)Detailed plans for how the project will be executed and managed.
Project Management Project Plan With Gantt Chart TemplateCombines project planning with Gantt chart for visual scheduling and tracking.
Project Management Project Outline Template (PowerPoint, Word)Offers a structured format for outlining the project’s scope, goals, and tasks.
Project Management Project Timeline TemplateVisualizes the project’s phases, tasks, and milestones along a chronological timeline.
Project Management Resume TemplateAssists in creating professional resumes for project management positions.
Project Management Flowchart TemplateProvides a visual representation of the processes and decision points within the project.
Daily Activity Tracker In Excel TemplatesTracks daily tasks and progress towards project goals.

Project Execution Templates

Template NameTemplate Description
Project Management Daily Project Report TemplateFor daily updates on project progress, issues, and achievements.
Project Management Issue Log TemplateTracks and manages issues that arise during the project execution phase.
Project Management Lessons Learned TemplateDocuments insights and knowledge gained throughout the project for future reference.
Project Management Monthly CalendarHelps plan and track project activities and deadlines on a monthly basis.
Project Management Project Tracker TemplateMonitors the progress of project tasks and milestones.

Project Monitoring & Controlling Templates

Template NameTemplate Description
Project Management Action Log TemplateRecords actions taken to address project issues and decisions.
Project Management Change Log TemplateTracks changes in project scope, schedule, and resources.
Project Management Change Request Control Log TemplateManages requests for changes and their implementation status.
Project Management Project Status Report TemplateProvides an overview of the project’s current status regarding schedule, budget, and scope.
Project Management RACI Matrix TemplateClarifies roles and responsibilities of team members for each task.
Project Management Risk Heat Map TemplateVisualizes the severity and likelihood of project risks.
Project Management Risk Register TemplateDocuments identified risks, their impact, and mitigation strategies.
Project Management Scatter Diagram TemplateAnalyzes the relationship between two variables in a project.
Project Management Skills Matrix TemplateAssesses and displays team members’ skills relevant to project needs.
Project Management To Do List TemplateLists tasks that need to be completed, helping with day-to-day project management.
Project Management Weekly Schedule PlannerOrganizes and schedules tasks and meetings on a weekly basis.
Project Management Work Breakdown Structure TemplatesBreaks down the project into smaller, more manageable components.

Project Closing Templates

Template NameTemplate Description
Project Management Project Closure Checklist TemplateEnsures all aspects of the project are concluded and documented before formal closure.
Project Management Project Post Mortem TemplateReviews what went well, what didn’t, and how processes can be improved for future projects.


Do you offer customized templates?

I do offer a customized template service. You can place your order here.

How much do the templates cost?

The complete bundle is currently available for $19.95.

Note, each template typically costs $3.45 each. Or, $160 when bought individually.

Is this a one-time purchase?

100% yes. Once you send payment the templates will be yours to use and distribute, indefinitely.

How do I access the templates?

These templates can be instantly downloaded following payment. You will be sent an email from which you can download all the templates, as many times as you want!

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100% yes. We’ve partnered with Stripe and PayPal to handle the billing and provide secure 256-bit encryption. We take every step available to us to help keep your transaction safe, using SendOwl as the platform to manage such payments securely.