Proper Project Management Acquires the-program-manager.com

Proper Project Management has acquired the-program-manager.com: strengthening its position in the Project Management Industry

Proper Project Management, a leading provider of innovative project management solutions, is thrilled to announce the strategic acquisition of the-program-management.com, a renowned online resource for program management professionals. This acquisition represents a significant milestone in Proper Project Management’s mission to empower project managers with comprehensive resources, tools, and expertise to achieve excellence in their fields.

The acquisition is a testament to Proper Project Management’s commitment to enhancing the capabilities and reach of project management professionals.

The expanded offerings will provide users with an unparalleled blend of practical insights, best practices, and state-of-the-art software solutions, all aimed at driving project success in a variety of industries.

“We are excited to welcome the-program-management.com into the Proper Project Management family. This is more than an acquisition; it’s a strategic merger of expertise and resources that will elevate the project management profession. Our shared vision for excellence in project management is now bolstered by a platform that will serve as a beacon for knowledge, innovation, and community among project leaders.”

Jeremy Williams, CEO of Proper Project Management.

About The-Program-Manager.com

The Program Manager was a project management/program management blog created and managed by by Saverio Losito, a PMP and Prince2 certified Senior Program Manager with an impressive 19-year tenure in the Healthcare sector.

Known for his dynamic approach, Saverio adeptly managed extensive software development programs, with budgets up to €15M. His professionalism, adaptability, and meticulous nature were matched by his vigor and resilience.

Saverio was committed to enhancing processes, leveraging technology, and utilizing social media within business strategies.

His blog served as a platform for sharing his wealth of knowledge and his knack for aligning organizational activities with strategic objectives to deliver results efficiently and effectively.

About Proper Project Management

PPM Logo

Proper Project Management has been at the forefront of project management education and establishing a collaborative community for project managers across the globe.

Founded in 2019 by Jeremy Williams, a Prince2 certified Project Manager with a robust 15 years of experience within a large multinational finance company, Proper Project Management stands as a testament to his expertise and dedication to the field.

Jeremy, the driving force behind the brand, has been a prolific user of Smartsheet for over half a decade, along with a myriad of other Project Management platforms and systems.

Recognizing a gap in the market for resources that catered to the educational needs of budding project managers, Jeremy established Proper Project Management. His goal was to create a conduit through which he could share his vast knowledge and insights gained through years of practical experience.

Jeremy’s commitment to the project management community is evident in his continuous pursuit of knowledge.

He delves into various platforms, methodologies, and concepts, constantly curating new content (mostly free, but also via training courses) that he believes will advance the careers of project management professionals or enhance their business operations.

Open to communication and collaboration, Jeremy invites anyone in need of guidance or specific tutorials to reach out.

His willingness to assist others in the field further solidifies Proper Project Management as a cornerstone for project management learning and advancement.